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Leadership development coaching for business, public sector and sport

Built on decades of experience in corporate business and wealth management, Legacy Coaching in Northern Ireland provides a range of coaching and development programs, for leaders of all kinds throughout business, the public sector, sports and arts.

Using a combination of analytics, one-to-one coaching, team coaching and 360-degree feedback programs we help leaders, from CEOs to team leaders, gain a deeper understanding of their own abilities, and how to use that to get the most from the diverse people, and abilities, they lead.


Boost productivity, team morale, and staff retention; improve HR and recruitment processes to get the best from your people; bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the leadership and company that can drive your business forward in an ever changing and challenging modern business landscape.

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The Legacy Coaching range of leadership and recruitment programs

We root our coaching in the application of emotional intelligence to leadership of all kinds, offering both one-to-one coaching for individual leaders, managers and supervisors, or team coaching work where everyone is involved in developing leadership strategies and perspectives. Some of the typical services we provide include;

How Do We Serve Clients

Emotional intelligence analysis and application

Emotional intelligence analysis and application

1 to 1 and team coaching for leadership development

1 to 1 and team coaching for leadership development

We base many of these around an Emotional Capital Report, built up from a series of simple analytical exercises and questions help us understand any leader's awareness of their own, and their team's, emotions. The report breaks down ten emotional intelligence competencies including skills like empathy, adaptability, self confidence and relationship skills to help us tailor a leadership development coaching program specific to each individual.


Alongside coaching we also offer speaking engagements, presenting on the principles of emotional intelligence and it's application to leadership across business, public sector, education, sports and the arts.


Leadership coaching and development for all kinds of business 

Our range of leadership focused coaching, all based deeply in analysis and understanding of emotional intelligence, works with businesses from SMEs to large corporations, public sector organisations and sports clubs across Ireland and Great Britain. 


Wherever one person leads a group of people we can improve the ways everyone communicates with each other, building better leadership processes, stronger teams, and greater business success.


Based in Northern Ireland, but also working in the Republic of Ireland and with other UK businesses, a few of the places we've recently provided coaching and training programs includes; Armagh, Belfast, Cork, Coleraine, Dublin, Galway, and Newry.


To learn more about our one-to-one, team coaching and leadership speaking, contact us at any time at Legacy Coaching in Northern Ireland.  

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Success Stories

I would like to say a massive thank you for all your help. What started off as something that I thought would take a steering towards getting me in the right direction in my career, ended up becoming a very important work through a few personal issues and goals.

Through your intuition and insightfulness you were able to, in a very kind and caring manner, bring out some issues I was having and helped me work though them. You guided me through a thought process without judgement which has helped me to see things in a new way and helped focus on what is important to me.

- Eithne

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