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Helping leaders understand themselves through the people around them 


360-degree feedback programs look to everyone around a leader to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, and ways they can develop what they do to respond to changing business and team challenges.

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360 Feedback

One of the best ways to understand how well any leader is doing at their job is to speak to the people around them; the people on the team they lead, but also other people in the company or even amongst supply chain or clients when possible. The aim is to collect a truly 360 degree perspective that can be used to create coaching and training programs to develop underused skills.


360-degree feedback is constantly carried out in every organisation to some extent as people communicate with each other, but applying a structured program that really encourages the feedback and finds useful ways to apply it is essential to really draw results.


Many businesses and public sector organisations are implementing regular 360-degree feedback processes as annual or quarterly exercises to provide leaders with constant feedback on their work, particularly as teams of people or business challenges change and evolve over time.

Practical, effective and precise 360° leadership feedback

This comprehensive approach to employee feedback is often embraced for it's simple logic, however when it comes to putting it into practice it soon becomes clear that without some kind of structured framework, dealing the flow of information and figuring out how to analyse it becomes impossible. 


Working with our expertise of emotional intelligence qualities and measurements we can provide that framework and focus for the feedback, that makes it far more straightforward to organise, analyse, act upon, and track changes to over time.


Beyond simply measuring the feedback, our work also includes helping you act upon it, designing workshops and coaching courses either 1-to-1 or through team coaching, that can help leaders improve on and develop their skills, or establish processes that help them meet a need of their team, company, or wider supply or client connections.

Leadership coaching and feedback programs for constant skill development

Coronavirus has provided a reminder to us all that huge changes can happen almost overnight, and even as vaccines roll out and lockdowns fade away, it seems likely we face some permanent changes in the way we work and communicate with each other.


Managing remote teams through video calls, particularly through a time of wide health concerns, has raised all sorts of new challenges for leaders, and whilst we all hope there are no more pandemics, there will always be times of change and a need to respond effectively to them.


Implementing a well designed 360-degree feedback program keeps a constant finger on the pulse of what the people in and around your organisation need from the leadership inside it, and can precisely measure and enhance how, when, and how successfully you meet those needs.


To learn more about our wide range of executive coaching for leaders across businesses, charities, public sector organisations, sports and the arts, contact us today at Legacy Coaching in Northern Ireland.

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