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Business coaching based on decades of expertise

Legacy coaching was established by Gerry Quinn, an executive coach and business mentor with decades of experience working in corporate leadership and the wealth management sector.

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Legacy Coaching - Gerry Quinn

Long before establishing Legacy Coaching in Northern Ireland, Gerry Quinn built a career in the wealth management industry, enjoying enough success within a large multinational that when the time came, they asked him to lead their expansion into Northern Ireland, which he led until retirement a few years ago.


Feeling the itch to keep working with people, and to help other leaders by sharing some of what he'd learned over the years, Gerry spent a year training and qualifying in Executive Coaching at the prestigious Irish Management Institute in Dublin. Adding this detailed framework and understanding of emotional intelligence in leadership to his own work experience formed the foundation of Legacy Coaching.


Aiming to work wherever one person leads another group of people, from corporate CEOs to football managers or public sector management, Gerry works to help leaders understand and connect with their team in natural, instinctive ways, that really draw results.

"The trouble with retirement is, after a couple of years you've got your energy back and miss working with people."

“And leadership coaching seemed the perfect thing, you're not just exercising your skills, you're passing them onto others and helping them develop in ways that might have taken years otherwise, and it's great seeing leaders and teams move forward and start really hearing each other."

“Coronavirus has reminded us that everything can change at a moment's notice. Suddenly life is very different and a whole new set of leadership skills have been challenged keeping remote teams together, and staying aware of their morale and mental health. Helping leaders in business and elsewhere respond successfully to that, and future changes, is very much at the core of what I do.”

“It's exciting getting to work with some really different types of organisation as well; the manager of a successful sports team needs a lot of similar leadership skills to a CEO or team leader; it's all about understanding and motivating, and appreciating emotional intelligence is fundamental to achieving that."

Legacy Coaching

We help leaders thrive with individually tailored coaching programs 

Through 1-to-1 and team coaching, analysis of emotional intelligence, and 360-degree feedback we tailor programs and courses of leadership coaching for each individual and business. One-off workshops, day programs or regular monthly, quarterly or annual coaching sessions can help you enhance and develop core emotional skills like optimism, adaptability, self reliance and empathy.


We can use these same techniques to work alongside recruitment and HR departments and teams, helping them identify essential skills and abilities to meet the demands of any role, and pick them out from potential candidates through simple analytical questioning and detailed selection reports.


Working often with businesses, public sector organisations and groups like sports teams across the whole of Ireland and GB, some of our recent work has been in;  Armagh, Belfast, Cork, Coleraine, Dublin, Galway, and Newry.


To learn more about our executive and leadership coaching programs, recruitment services, and speaking engagements on business leadership and emotional intelligence, contact Gerry at Legacy Coaching at any time.

Gerry Quinn

How Do We Serve Clients

Emotional intelligence analysis and application

Emotional intelligence analysis and application

1 to 1 and team coaching for leadership development

1 to 1 and team coaching for leadership development

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