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Leadership coaching based on understanding emotional intelligence


Great leadership comes from a deep understanding of the people you lead; how they think, how they feel, and how you can motivate them to do their best work for your company, or public sector organisation or sports club.

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For many years our understanding of intelligence and leadership skills was strongly tied to logical reasoning ability, measured in things like IQ tests. In recent decades we've better understood that there are many ways of measuring intelligence and leadership abilities, with one of the most successful being emotional intelligence, which sits at the heart of effective communication and motivation.

Our approach to executive and leadership coaching looks closely at emotional intelligence, building each leader an Emotional Capital Report through establishing their ability across key emotional competencies such as straightforwardness, optimism, self reliance and relationship skills. From the detail of the ECR we can then develop a tailored coaching program to help them enhance the skills essential to leadership.


A program can take the form of a one-off series of workshops or regular ongoing coaching, one-to-one or involving the whole team, and ideal with any kind of leader, from CEOs to team leaders and even sports managers, emotional intelligence applies wherever one person leads a group of people. 

One-to-one or team based coaching designed for you and your business 

Legacy Coaching

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All of our programs, whether half day workshops or ongoing monthly coaching sessions, are made to measure each individual, taking on board their emotional skills, the needs of their job, and often the opinions of the people around them.


One-to-one executive coaching tends to focus on analysing the individual and their capacity for awareness, empathy and control of their own emotions and the team they lead, establishing key areas to work on and develop that can improve the team relationship and results.


Team coaching involves everyone, but still focuses on the leadership, encouraging feedback and open discussion on the places where the leadership succeeds, and areas where it might be able to develop. This process of asking for direct feedback and thoughts often brings out fresh, surprising, and incredibly valuable perspectives for developing new business processes and ideas.


A third approach we use is the 360-degree feedback approach, used by many companies as a process of constant evaluation, it welcomes feedback from everyone a leader, manager, supervisor or executive engages with to highlight areas of their skillbase that can be further enhanced.

Start your leadership development with our expert business coaching programs

From corporate CEOs to middle management, team leaders and supervisors, we can help leaders of all kinds from across the private and public sector, as well as organisations like sports clubs where team management relies as heavily on emotional awareness as in the boardroom.


Based in Northern Ireland we've worked with organisations and leaders across the whole of Ireland and many other parts of GB including; Armagh, Belfast, Cork, Coleraine, Dublin, Galway, and Newry.


To learn more about our leadership development coaching, and recruitment and speaking engagements, contact us at Legacy Leadership Coaching.

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