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Using an Emotional Capital Report to shape business coaching programs

Emotional Capital Reports are one of the primary tools we use in our leadership coaching and training. A report is built from a short, simple questionnaire which takes around 15 minutes to complete, and the answers to it enable us to score each individual on the primary ten emotional competencies. This gives us a clear understanding of any individual leader's Emotional Intelligence level, and their strengths in each area of EI.

An emotional intelligence score is similar to an IQ score measuring logical reasoning, it is sometimes called an EQ score, and tells us how skilled someone is at understanding their own emotions, other people's emotions, and how to best bring those together to achieve any given goal.

The competencies measured include empathy, adaptability, self confidence, relationship skills and self control. These are the qualities that often get called people skills, and are essential in any kind of business leader, director or manager with a team of people to motivate, inspire, and bring together.

How an ECR helps us to create bespoke leadership coaching programs

Research has shown that the competencies making up Emotional Intelligence are also core to many effective leadership behaviours, and common in successful leaders. Being able to really listen to others, communicate clearly with them, and recognise and understand complex feelings and interpersonal relationships throughout a team are all essentials of working with and leading people.

By looking at any individual's range of scores in an ECR, we can clearly see the emotional areas where they are already strong, and also the areas where they are weaker and could improve. The good news is, you can always improve with good leadership coaching and a firm grasp of how emotions come into play.

We use each Emotional Capital Report to guide the content and form of a bespoke business training program for each individual or team. Focusing on the areas that most need additional knowledge and understanding ensures they are building broader and stronger emotional capital, leading to better leadership behaviours and decisions.

Emotional Intelligence is at the core of all kinds of great leadership

From corporate CEOs to senior managers, and beyond the traditional business settings into sports team management and arts producing; Emotional Intelligence measures the set of skills that always apply when groups of people come together to achieve something.

As a result we work with a diverse range of companies, organisations and individuals across Ireland and Britain, to help them develop efficient and successful leadership and management teams.

And of course, Emotional Intelligence can also help highlight who has the right kind of skills when you're looking for someone to lead that team, project, or business. We regularly work alongside recruitment and HR professionals, helping them to identify strong leadership candidates for shortlisting from a field of applicants, using an ECR test and profile of their emotional competency scores.

If you would like to know more about Emotional Intelligence and how we use Emotional Capital Reports to inform our various business, leadership and management coaching programs, contact us today at Legacy Coaching.

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