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We help recruiters gather deeper insights into candidates for any job, providing recruitment and selection reports identifying strengths and weaknesses in key skills and abilities through simple emotional intelligence tests.

Recruitment Leadership

The approaches we take to understanding emotional intelligence in leaders we are coaching can also be used to support recruitment and HR professionals when they're looking at candidates for a new position.


We work with recruiters to identify qualities and skills ideal for any given position and can devise simple tests or questions to measure for and identify those skills. How questions are framed and designed can make a huge difference to the value of the answer you get back; most people will tell you they have great empathy if you ask them, but presenting a question that requires empathy to answer it gives you the information you really need.

We can put together a variety of analysis and reports on potential candidates and positions to help inform decisions, develop shortlists or highlight key areas to focus on during an interview. When used properly, emotional intelligence is a powerful tool for evaluating candidate and position skills from fresh and well defined perspectives.

Great recruitment is built on identifying the essential skills a position needs 

Every recruitment professional or business leader has the experience of meeting a candidate with the perfect experience, who gave a great interview, but somehow couldn't deliver in the job. 


Working out exactly how it happened can be difficult; were you looking for the wrong skills in the first place? Did a talented interviewee manage to paper over a few cracks in their skillbase? Fortunately, applying emotional intelligence frameworks to the recruitment process can provide solutions to both challenges.


We can help identify the core emotional and behavioural abilities and skills needed for any leadership position, and ensure focused, effective ways to measure for them through the recruitment process, so that we can prepare detailed candidate reports scoring for suitability on qualities such as adaptability, self actualisation, optimism and self reliance.

Enhance your recruitment process with detailed analysis of emotional ability

Meet the constant challenge of finding and selecting great candidates with a comprehensive analytical framework based in the diverse qualities of emotional intelligence. Whatever the demands of the job, whatever the industry, emotional intelligence focuses on core people skills like self confidence, empathy and optimism and how they can be precisely measured in any individual. 


We work with businesses, public sector organisations, charities and sports teams across all of Ireland and Great Britain including Armagh, Belfast, Cork, Coleraine, Dublin, Galway, and Newry.


To learn more about the ways we can support your organisation finding the best possible people to join your team, contact us today at Legacy Business Coaching.

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