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Book Gerry for talks and presentations on leadership and emotional intelligence


Most people are familiar with logic based intelligence tests, but for the last thirty years the field of emotional intelligence has delivered some of the most effective and useful insights into the art of leadership.


With decades of experience working as a leader and director in multinational and corporate businesses, Legacy Coaching's founder Gerry Quinn, has found emotional intelligence the best framework for understanding and successfully approaching leadership and its ever shifting challenges.

In addition to coaching leaders, Gerry regularly speaks on the science, psychology and ideas behind emotional intelligence, and it's many applications to leadership development and recruitment processes across a diverse range of organisations.


Provided as part of training and development programs, business events or university lectures, talks of any length can be put together to help inform, encourage, or inspire looking at fresh perspectives in business and leadership, and embracing challenges and programs of assessment and change to continually improve.

Understand how the emotional intelligence framework can inform great leadership and decision making across organisations and industries

The PR and marketing industries have always understood the power of communicating to emotions. They work hard to understand how people think, what they want and need, and how to appeal to that to sell a product. That same set of emotional intelligence skills can also be applied to leadership communication and processes; the motivation of a team of people to do the best work possible.


These emotional intelligence structures and measurements such as EQ can be applied across any kind of organisation where one person leads others, and can help recruiters and HR teams better identify and select ideally skilled candidates for new jobs.


With decades of experience leading a large company and numerous teams of people in the wealth management sector, Gerry can speak from deep experience of changing business landscapes and demands, and finding the most efficient and successful ways to meet them by understanding emotional intelligence and how it can be applied across businesses, organisations, charities, sports teams, and arts organisations.

Discover leadership from a fresh perspective that can build better business 

Understanding efficient, responsive and structured ways to assess and encourage great leadership is essential for building a successful business, sports team, charity group or council committee, and one of Gerry's talks can really highlight some of the potential when expertly applying emotional intelligence.


Whilst modern technology makes speaking engagements straightforward anywhere in the world, we most often work with businesses and organisations across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland in locations such as Armagh, Belfast, Cork, Coleraine, Dublin, Galway, and Newry.


To discuss a speaking engagement, leadership coaching or recruitment support from Legacy Coaching, contact us at any time and learn just what we can do for you.

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